STI Testing – Top Ten Urgent Care Visit Reasons on Zocdoc

Zocdoc STD Testing

STI screenings are one of the most popular urgent care visit reasons for Zocdoc users. Patients can find and instantly book their visits with nearby urgent care providers, avoiding surprise waits at the door and making it easier than ever to get tested. The top ten urgent care visit reasons booked on Zocdoc include: Urgent Care Consultation, Urinary Tract Infection (UTI), STI Testing, Sore Throat, and Vaginal Discharge / Infection.

STI Screening

Many people do not get screened for STIs (also called STDs) because they fear that it will be embarrassing or expensive. However, STI testing is quick and painless. And, if you do have an STI, getting treated early can prevent serious health problems down the road.

Your first step in getting STI tested is to set up an appointment. You can do this in person at a NewYork-Presbyterian clinic or “virtually” through Zocdoc. Your provider will ask you about your sexual history and your symptoms if you have any.

Your provider will then take a sample from you to be tested. This can be a urine test or a swab from inside the penis in men or from the cervix in women. For advanced-stage STIs like gonorrhea or syphilis, your provider may also need to take a blood sample. In rare cases, a lumbar puncture (also known as a spinal tap) may be needed. If necessary, your provider will give you a referral to a local lab for the tests that are needed.

STI Treatment

When a doctor detects STI symptoms through screening tests, he/she will prescribe treatment immediately. Women who have been diagnosed with chlamydia, gonorrhea or syphilis will receive antibiotics; those diagnosed with HIV, hepatitis B and C, sex-related STIs or genital warts will have a prescription for a combination of oral and topical medication to help clear up the infection. For men, treatment for hepatitis B and C, HIV and sex-related STIs will require a blood test and urine sample.

Zocdoc is proud to work with leading urgent care facilities across the country. These facilities list real-time appointment availability on the site so patients can find and instantly book their visit, preventing long wait times when they arrive at the clinic.

STI Prevention

Most STIs don’t have any symptoms, so getting tested is often the only way to know whether you have an infection. That’s why it’s important to get tested regularly, especially if you’re in a new relationship or have had unprotected sex.

Having an STI can cause serious complications, including infertility, heart disease, and pregnancy-related issues like miscarriage. But if you’re screened and treated early, you can prevent further damage to your body.

The good news is that STI testing can be quick, painless, and confidential. Most STD testing clinics have to comply with HIPAA regulations, which means your privacy is protected.

With Zocdoc, you can easily find an STI screening clinic near you and book your appointment quickly. Urgent care providers are also excellent choices for STI tests because they can run blood and urine tests right away and give you test results very soon, which is faster than a regular physician or an emergency room.

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